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Are you an aspiring model or actor trying to locate the best free New York open casting calls, auditions and model agency open calls times for talent of all experience levels? Finding casting calls is not an easy search. As modeling agencies typically used to hold open castings to scout for new faces, it has become increasingly common to only except online submissions by an agency website then to host an old fashion cattle car to scout for talent.

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Discussed in a previous blog posts, social media sites such as Instagram have really changed the way marketers and advertisers reach consumers. While it is common to believe that a modeling agency works for models, it’s main priority is to scout for both commercial and editorial talent that match what an advertiser is looking for. An example is when a premier brand is scouting for talent for an ad campaign, agencies and talent scouts will typically send a package of talent for the companies consideration. If the company chooses to book the talent they are paid 20% from the client being the brand and then collect another 20% from the model. While good looks may seem to please agencies they are only scouting for looks that can book them work. Because of this, they can be is increasingly difficult for new models or actors to find open casting calls, especially in a market such as New York City.

Here is a short list of top agencies and their most recent open call dates.

BMG Models — 45 West 29th Street, New York NY

Thursdays from 4–5 PM for fashion/commercial print models

Women: Female models must be at least 5’9″ in height, with reasonable exceptions. We also represent “lifestyle” women with heights ranging from 5’6″ to 5’9″.

Men: Male models must be 6’0″ to 6’3″ in height, with reasonable exceptions. We also represent “lifestyle” men with heights ranging from 5’9″ to 6’0″.

Commercial actors ages 18 and up are also included in the 4 PM open call time.

Children: The New York office represents children of all ages, from newborn to 12 years old. We host open calls at our office every Wednesday from 3–5 PM for ages 5–13. All other submissions are only done via mail through the link listed above.


While many talents believe attending an open call in person is the best chance for success, it should be the last option a model or actor takes as attending will create a lasting impression. Regardless of whether you find success in the future, an agency will always remember when you first come, in so it is best to only attend when you are ready.

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The last thing in agency wants is a piece of paper or a home printed photo that is not professional. While it doesn’t create the best impression, it typically is not usable for an agency to be able to market you out. Talent should always do their homework and come prepared to a casting call with a head shot, work resume or comp card to be seriously considered for a project.

If you are a model or actor looking to find casting calls, Latitude Talent Studios can help connect you to the resources and tools to find success. Read our recent success stories and reviews here and start your journey by joining us now online at



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